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NOTICE!! This is a stale page, the Hampton Police no longer utilize this radio system. See for more information.

Radio Communications and Scanner information for the Hampton Police Division, VA.

Hampton Police Division Patch

The Hampton Police Division is located at 40 Lincoln Street in Downtown Hampton, VA. The police broadcast tower is located off of Pine Chapel Road (next to the Hampton Coliseum).

Hampton used a trunked radio system designed by GE Ericsson. The trunked system deployes what is commonly known as anti-scanner tones to prevent a scanner from automatically scanning at the end of a transmittion. Uniden released a new scanner in July of 1999 that will actually track and decode the control channel for an Ericsson TRS.

Here is a listing of the city's trunked radio frequencies, keep in mind that all city operations use these channels, not just police and fire. These must be programmed into your scanner in order, otherwise you will not be able to track this system.


This is a listing of the non-trunked mutual aid channels that all police and fire radios are equipped with, these channels are not used unless the trunk system fails, or officers need to communicate with other departments in an emergency situation.


Hampton Fire Department still simulcasts on 46.060 (for the fire department pagers) this is the primary dispatch channel. The tower for that channel is located on the roof of the Briarfield Fire Station.

The Hampton Police Division has long eluded scanner listeners with it's Trunked Anti-Scanner system. Now that Uniden released a scanner than can track and decode GE Ericsson, here is a listing below for city departments talk groups.

Please note that if you have a scanner capable of scanning ericsson, you must program the frequencies in order, listed above, and as a matter of fact, all the HPD frequencies are included in a book that comes with the Bearcat 245 XLT with the correct order.

Trunked talkgroups for Police, Fire, Sheriff, and Pubic Works

Police Talkgroups:

Talkgroup  		Channel Name
04-000 			Citywide Broadcast
04-023 			Tac-1 	
04-021 			Wythe Dispatch 	
04-043 			Information Channel 	
04-041 			Chesapeake Dispatch 
04-024 			Tac-2 
04-022 			Tac-3 	
04-042 			Tac-4 
04-061 			Training Channel 
04-081 			City-1 (All dept. can talk) 
04-082 			City-2 		
04-084 			Police to Fire Dispatch 	
04-083 			EOC (Emergency Ops) 		
06-021 			Public Works Dispatch 		
04-125 			Police to Lockup 		
04-065 			Channel 16 - Supervisors 		
04-102 			Narc-1 		
04-103 			Narc-2 	

Fire & Rescue Talkgroups:

Talkgroup  		Channel Name
02-021 			Fire Dispatch
02-022 			Fire Tac-1
02-023 			Fire Tac-2
02-024 			Fire Tac-3
02-025 			Supression-1
02-042 			EMS Tac (Hampton General)
02-062 			Training Channel
02-082 			Fire Prevention
02-142 			Communications Tac-1
10-022 			NASA Fire Department DISP.
04-084 			Police to Fire Dispatch

Sheriff Talkgroups:

Talkgroup  		Channel Name
00-023 			Civil Process 
00-024 			Prisoner Transportation
00-025 			Court Security
00-026 			Tac-6
00-041 			City Jail: Annex
00-042 			City Jail: Tactical Special
00-043 			Lockup 		
00-044 			SWAT 		

Misc. Talkgroups:

Talkgroup  		Channel Name
06-062 			Park Rangers
06-123 			Coliesum 1
06-124 			Coliseum 2
06-125 			Coliseum 3
06-126 			Coliseum 4
06-127 			Coliseum 5

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