Radio feed issues fixed / Hampton goes encrypted

For those of you not aware, we’re providing RadioReference with audio feeds of both the Hampton Police Division and Newport News Police department broadcasts. If you’re interested, see the links on the right side of the page.

The machine streaming the audio got in a funky state and started handing of some very choppy and unreliable audio and needed a swift kick, which it got. Things are back up and running now, hopefully for a while.

Update: The Hampton Police Division feed is no longer being provided to Radio Reference or being carried by this site. The City of Hampton had decided to take advantage of P25 encryption on all police talkgroups (no longer just tactical channels) which unfortunately can’t legally (or otherwise) be decoded.

Starting a new blog

Well, it’s been a while since I updated the site, and I think it’s partly because of the method in which I put the thing together … almost all static pages written cryptically in perl. While I love programming and mucking around in the code, it got old going in and editing indexes, and adding links. So… introduce wordpress to alleviate my pain.

This site has been a lot less active over the years that youtube took off mainstream, I used to get 99% of my inbound traffic from folks looking for the Bud Light Radio Spots I host, but they’re available so many other places now that things dwindled and I took less of an active interest. It happens I suppose..

Hopefully I’ll be a bit more diligent in updating it now (ha!) but at least it’s much less cumbersome than before, and to top it all off, I can get spam just like all the other comment enabled blogs!